Nicholas Blicker Larsen

Hi, my name is Nicholas and I am a 25-year old entrepreneur and student. I created my first project/company at age 17, and has since then been involved in many different projects. Besides my projects I am a Master's student at Copenhagen Business School where I study Management of Innovation and Business Development. In addition to my business acumen I am also a self-taught developer.
If you have a great idea or want to talk about entrepreneurship or technology just write me an email at or call me at 53576746.

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Learn how to get, convert, and grow your user base with Growth Recipes via @growthhackertv

Growth Hacker TV
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People forget that luck is an important factor


Ten things you should remember to obtain happiness and success

The 10 commandments for happiness and success
Life is too short to be wasted, we all know that. Yet, most people live a default life, forcing themselves to think they are happy even though they ar...

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Nice insights to the things that went wrong at Formspring

Formspring - A Postmortem
This Sunday, after nearly three and a half years, Formspring is shutting down. While itâ??s a sad moment for me to see a startup I worked on and love...

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The Harlem Shake was made viral by corporations

You didn’t make the Harlem Shake go viralâ??corporations didâ??s trend charts of the phrase â??Harlem Shakeâ? are seismic. Almost no ...

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We need to rethink comments

Disqus CEO Daniel Ha: Four ways Web comments will change
Last week, research from content analytics company Chartbeat confirmed a secret Iâ??ve known for some time: readers are spending most of their time o...

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Some really good productivity tips

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It is difficult to price products…

Pricing Experiments You Might Not Know, But Can Learn From
Lots of entrepreneurs struggle with pricing. How much to charge? It's clear that the right price can make all the difference - too low and you miss ou...



Try this quiz about user interfaces

AskTog: A Quiz Designed to Give You Fitts
Fitts' Law, A fundamental principle of interaction design, from AskTog, the Webzine for Computer Professionals, their Family, and Friends

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Learn from a great person - Bill Gates

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We need to focus on the right things

The #1 Mistake Entrepreneurs Make
I’ve started 4 companies and have invested in 25 more. And I can say, with supreme confidence, that I have made or seen almost every mistake pos...

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Cool quotes about customer service

50 Customer Service Quotes You Need to Hang In Your Office
Customer service is tough in any industry. However, companies and organizations that produce incredible service to every customer have a clear competi...

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We need to remember to create the best experience both online and afk

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Good things to consider when launching

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Design Principles for a Multi-device World

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The best sites on the web to learn anything, free

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Get inspired by these blogs and Twitter accounts

24 Awesome Blogs and Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
There are a ton of blogs out there talking about small businesses, startups and entrepreneurship but a bunch really standout from the crowd.  These b...

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The story of Twitter Bootstrap

Building Twitter Bootstrap
Bootstrap is an open-source front-end toolkit created to help designers and developers quickly and efficiently build great stuff online. Its goal is t...

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How to use select menus best

Flipboard Landing Page
Flipboard for iPad, your personalized, social magazine.

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Do not count on users being free.. sometimes viral is not enough

Hey, startups, users aren’t free - GeekWire
A managing partner at a VC firm said this to me several months ago. It solidified, in my mind, something I’ve been wanting to scream at Seattle entr...

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My projects

Co-founded Projects

Bloggers Delight is the biggest blog network in Denmark with more than 14 million page views a month.
Studyspot helps students pass their next exam by providing high quality video courses. We believe in smart learning.
Rope of Hope was a charity organization that sold bracelets to help children around the world. Raised more than 300.000 kroner.
Dunno was the first site to aggregate daily deals in Denmark. Sold to Menucard ApS.